With 3D and tomography and Panoramic Radiography and Monitoring activities within the Oral and Dental Health Clinics, it is possible to detect problems in the teeth and the jaw from one side and follow definite results in the treatment process on the other side..

The premium radiography device named “Sirona Orthophos XG 3D” which we are using is a device with a limited number specially produced in Turkey.

In radiography and monitoring activities, the caries, bone loss and root canal problems that cannot be recognized during the examination can be determined precisely and definite results can be obtained in the processes such as orthodontic treatment and implant placement.

With Radiography and Monitoring activities;

  • Definite detection of caries areas that are not recognized during examination
  • Diagnosis of caries, cracks or other problems that occur at the bottom of the existing filled teeth
  • Determination of bone loss conditions such as gum disease
  • Determination of the conditions in the root canal such as infection or dying of dental nerves
  • Implant preparation and follow-up of orthodontic treatment application procedures
  • Observation of variables in the course of cyst, oral cancer and both metabolic and systemic diseases
  • Dental development and growth in children

stages are determined precisely and therefore, quick and effective solutions are produced by our dentists in the treatment of problems.

With the technology developed in Ballıpınar Oral and Dental Health Clinics treatment methods, definite results are achieved in intraoral and extra oral radiography and monitoring activities which increase the usage area and help dentists to produce both fast and effective solutions. With the help of these reports, it is possible to intervene to the patient and it is possible to reach the criterion at the stage of diagnosis before the treatment, in the sense of the success or failure of the treatment in the treatment process and whether or not the treatment is permanent.