Ballpınar Oral and Dental Health Clinics offer continuous and uninterrupted treatment to patients through a full-time orthodontist.

Orthodontics is dentistry discipline, which involves both the mismatch between the abnormally ordered teeth and the lower and upper jaws and the treatment of the jaw growth disorders.

Orthodontic Dentistry, which also means smooth teeth, deals specifically with the placement of teeth on the dental bones (alveolar crest) and with the diagnosis and treatment of oral, jaw and face irregularities.

Orthodontics also examines whether the lower and upper jaws are compatible with each other and with the face and teeth.

Orthodontic Implementations can be applied for different purposes according to the condition of the patient and the disease. These include protective orthodontics, inhibitory orthodontics and therapeutic orthodontics. Developments targeted at each of these implementations can be expressed as permanent treatment and regulation of chewing, speech and respiratory functions and normalization of teeth, jaw and facial structure in aesthetic and functional sense.

According to the orthodontic treatment method, patient’s condition and the shape of the implementation are divided into three parts as fixed, moving or Invisalign non-Bracket Orthodontic treatment methods.