Prosthetic implementations include the application of artificial teeth prepared with artificial materials instead of lost teeth or tooth due to various reasons.

Prosthetic implementations are performed to compensate for the loss of teeth and bone in the patient when gingival diseases cannot be cured or are late for treatment.

Prosthetic implementations, which relieve the patient’s possible losses in terms of aesthetics on the one hand and functional (chewing, talking, etc.) on the other hand, can be applied by different methods both for the purpose of implementation and the dental structure of the patient. In Ballıpınar Oral and Dental Health Clinics, fixed prosthesis, moveable prosthesis, total prosthesis, partial prosthesis, precision attachment prosthesis and prosthesis over implant treatment methods are applied.

The implementation, replacement and removal procedures consist of fixed dentures crowns applied on one tooth or bridges completing tooth defects performed by a specialist. In the case of fixed prosthesis, first the teeth are numbed and then applied to the tooth which is diminished by various devices by attaching the prepared curtain or bridges.

Moveable denture applications consisting of 2 parts as upper and lower are applied in situations where the patient has lost multiple or all teeth and the number of missing teeth cannot be compensated by fixed dentures. Removable dentures include two separate applications as a partial prosthesis in the case of completion of missing teeth on the jaw and as a total prosthesis in the case of missing all of the teeth on the jaw. These prosthesis implementations can be removed orally by the person him/herself if desired due to its moving nature.

Total prosthesis implementations defined also as full prosthesis are performed when the patient has lost all the teeth.

Partial prosthesis implemented instead of a few teeth missing in the patient, is fixed to the jawbone with holders such as hooks or nails.

Precision attachment prostheses applied to patients with certain missing teeth, have an aesthetic appearance because they are not attached to the jaw bone with any retainer.

Prostheses over Implant which can be applied both fixedly and movably can be applied with the support of the implant application when the fixed implant-based prostheses are applied with a crown or bridge technique while the moveable implant prostheses can be used when the bones are inadequate.

In all techniques implemented in Ballıpınar Oral and Dental Health Clinics, it is aimed to recover lost mouth, jaw and tooth health with the help of artificial materials. In the implementations prepared in this context, it is considered that the artificial teeth are closest to the natural and compatible with the face of the person.

Due to the Ballıpınar Laboratory in the outpatient clinic, these applications are completed in a very short time and they prepared coatings consists of alternatives such metal-supported porcelain coating, zirconium-supported porcelain coating, zirconium coating, full porcelain coating, laminate coating (laminate veneer).

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