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Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Is a dentistry discipline in all fields in the scope of oral and dental health which is including lot of different applications in Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial surgery (including the treatment of pathologies of soft and hard tissues in the mouth).

The services provided in the Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery and the treatment methods applied at Ballıpınar Oral and Dental Health Clinics are as follows:

Impacted Dental Operations is a method of treatment involving teeth that are impacted in the jaw bone, caused by the teeth known as wisdom teeth.

After a while the wisdom teeth are genetically dysfunctional. The jaw structure of a person is also getting smaller as the age increases. Depending on these two conditions, the wisdom teeth cannot find a place in the jaw structure and remain impacted in the jawbone because it cannot cut.

The impacted wisdom teeth melt in the roots of the incisors in the upper frontal area, or cause a visible defect in the tooth alignment.

In the treatment of impacted teeth, two separate ways are followed. If the impacted teeth do not damage the mouth, teeth and jaw structure, they are kept by orthodontic treatment as preserving the current position, or removed when damaging other teeth.

Dental implants are screw-type structures that are implemented to the jawbone to restore tooth deficiencies and which can be prosthodontically placed on the tooth root. The main ingredient of the implant is titanium. Titanium is extremely excellent material friendly to jawbone and soft tissues around the teeth.

Cysts that occur in the mouth, teeth and jaw for a variety of reasons, whether or not they are allied with your teeth, melt the jawbone in the process, leading to both loss of substance and weakening of the jawbone. These cysts, if untreated, can cause both aesthetic and functional disorders in jaw fractures, mouth, teeth and jaw structure.

With abscess and cyst operations, these types of harmful cysts diagnosed during the examination can be treated completely.

The jaw and face may be incompatible with the lower jaw and the upper jaw, both with each other and with the facial structure, after various deformities that occur in nature or due to accidents or diseases and aesthetic and functional disorders can occur in the mouth, teeth and jaw structure. With Ballıpınar Oral, Dental and Maxifollacial Surgery treatment methods, such problems can be treated.

If after extensive damage to the surrounding tissues, if the tooth cannot be cured at all by caries or trauma at a later stage, taking into consideration the patient’s health, the corresponding tooth extraction is performed.

Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

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