The use of colored organic and inorganic materials, teeth whitening gels which are formed in the enamel structure on the surface of the teeth which are applied to change the color of the tooth or the person’s demand to his/her own natural tooth color due various reasons is called the Bleaching treatment method applied by Ballıpınar Oral and Dental Health Clinic physicians experts is called as Bleaching.

Bleaching implementation applied in the treatment of stains occurring in teeth as a result of aging and after-use of materials that polishes teeth such as cigarettes, tea, coffee or occurring as a result of fillings, prostheses or coatings present in the mouth, or those which occur after excessive fluoride consumption or antibiotics, is realized by two different treatment methods.

In bleaching implementation, the bleaching drug is placed in the area to be applied in the mouth and then the white light is kept for a certain period of time. The white light does not interfere with any intervention of the tooth; it is only applied to initiate a chemical reaction that will help the bleaching gel to become active. Once this is done, the treatment is completed.

After bleaching treatment, the duration of teeth whiteness differs depending on variables such as the patient’s eating habits, smoking cessation and tooth brushing habit.

For this reason, after the bleaching implementation, especially during the first 10 days, either implemented by the dentist in the clinic or by the dentist’s guide be performed by the patient at home, products such as cigarettes, chocolate, tea, coffee, red wine, caramel, tomato paste, sour cherries etc. that contain a darker color in their contents and toothpastes or tooth powders that contain abrasive properties should not be used.

Quick Tip

Whitening teeth starts with a clean toothbrush.
After each use, rinse your toothbrush and place it upright for ventilation.
Remember to change it every three months.