Aesthetic Denstistry

In order to obtain healthy, smooth and white teeth, the problem is first detected in the treatment process of Aesthetic Dentistry which is generally preferred.

All the individuals who cannot fulfill their functions of chewing, speaking, laughing etc for various reasons in the ideal measures are treated with Ballıpınar Esthetic Dental practices within the scope of oral and dental health.

Factors such as age, sex, facial features, lips, color, shape and alignment of teeth and gingival are taken into consideration during the treatment process of aesthetic dentistry and they are shared with the patient in all aspects during the treatment process.

Aesthetic Dentistry on the other hand, is the treatment of tooth decay, worn or colored teeth, delicate or intermittent teeth, broken teeth and teeth with deformity of shape, texture and form lightly intertwined teeth.

Ballıpınar Aesthetic Dentistry, which offers health and aesthetics together, is completing the treatment stages by using the following methods.

  • Illuminated white fill
  • Porcelain filling (inlay or onlay filling)
  • Fiber implementations
  • Implants
  • Bleaching methods (Bleaching)
  • Sensitivity elimination techniques
  • Laser technology
  • Laminate applications (porcelain and composite)
  • Crown drawing out
  • Full porcelain Crown
  • Porcelain crown with zircon support
  • Gingival surgery
  • Adhesive system

We are able to offer very fast solutions with the means of Ballıpınar Laboratory which serves Zirconium Coating, E Max Coating and Laminate Applications only to its own patients.

With the premium technology CADCAM application which is a member of Sironain Lab Family, teeth most suitable to your mouth and face are aesthetically provided to you.

These treatment methods;
Are aesthetic, natural looking, gingival compatible, healthy, hygienic and long lasting implementations.